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Best Dohale Jevan Ideas

Make service paramount for the mother and her baby 

Baby shower function for an expecting mother is typically directed in the seventh or nine months of the growth time frame. It is of most extreme significance in the Maharashtrian culture where a propitious day is picked for an extraordinary Puja. Ladies going to the function acquire flavourful conventional rarities to extinguish the nourishment desires of an anticipating mother. Certain customary ceremonies, for example, Haldi Kumkum are additionally held during the function. The expecting mother is made to feel extraordinary as she is offered sarees as endowments, best dohale jevan decoration, alongside mouth-watering desserts and savories, bangles and aroma, adornments, blossoms, and natural products, and so on. The Baby Shower service is informally, otherwise called Oti Bharan in certain pieces of Maharashtra. Here are not many pointers to make the Dohale Jevan occasion a noteworthy one for the mother.

The Event Theme

Set up a special subject to commend the baby  shower occasion in a positive manner. There are many dohale jevan decoration ideas for you to attempt, for example, Sunrise, Moonlight, Kingdom, and so on to enhance the scene. Get the best dohale jevan decoration ideas at home to enhance on the subject and shock the anticipating mother. Take uncommon and safe consideration in setting up the dais for the mother where she is made to sit on a swing or a detailed couch. Fancy the dais with a lot of normal blossoms to make it look beautiful and luxurious. You can likewise rope in a female emcee to have the occasion and engage the ladies visitors.

Baby shower decoration

Baby shower decoration- decorates the room with pictures of famous movie stars and films. We can also decorate the room with pop star posters. We can decorate room as per any children story such as ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ or ‘Goldilocks. We can use children’s books for table centerpieces. Stack the books and tie ribbon around the books with a big bow on top. Decorate the top with a pacifier.

Stable baby shower decoration-decorate the room as a stable with a manger big enough for Mom. Another type of decoration is Umbrella baby shower decoration-Decorate room with umbrellas, galoshes, etc. Tell all the guests that the forecast says showers today and every one comes in raincoats.

props and Games

A female emcee can be procured for the baby shower festivity. Not many engaging games, for example, speculating whether the child is a kid or a young lady, composing the all the best for the appearance of a looming baby, get together games, and so forth will lift the fun remainder of the Baby Shower service. The expecting mother can be enhanced with a Mother-to-be band. Moreover, a few selfie props for the connections to be created with the appearance of the baby , for example, Kaaki, Maavshi, Taai, and so on can be organized the visitors. These thoughts will most likely make the baby  shower occasion a fruitful one.


Ladies going to the service might be given some arrival endowments as a token of appreciation for their warm wishes to the mother and the child. It is ideal to choose certain arrival blessing things, for example, kitchen utensils, adorably or porcelain, and so on as an image of the baby  shower function. Ensure that each hitched lady is given the conventional Haldi Kumkum during the baby shower function.

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